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Architecture Week

The annual UST College of Architecture Week is the event that celebrates the founding of the college in 1930. This has become the most anticipated event in the college because of the events prepared by the Administrators, Faculty, and Student Council for the student body such as Architectural Design Competition Plate, Float Parade, Opening Ceremonies, Arki Concert, and many more!

Barong-barong 2018
Goodwill Games 2018
LUDERE: Acquaintance Night 2018


The World of Pintig revolves around the different possibilities and diverse stories that we can find in the universe of Architecture. Just like how various places we find all over the Earth feature different styles and typologies of Architecture, here in the UST College of Architecture, we find ourselves surrounded by students, professors, administrators, and staff who have their own personalities and own uniqueness.

This year, we envision PINTIG as a world with different destinations that we can all explore and enjoy. Through the power of digital technology, we can prove that even if we're apart, we can still create our own world where we'll be virtually together.

Welcome to PINTIG 2021! 


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