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AEONS: Archinet Teaser Video

Jean Florentin

Sep 16, 2021

The portal to the 2020's is opening!

The portal to the 2020's is opening!

In front of you is a world of endless innovation and new technologies, the possibilities of architecture just within your reach. As you enter past this door, you immerse yourself in a worldwide community that redefines limits and shapes a better future for generations to come. Let's make history that would be remembered for AEONS!

Take the step, enter the doorway, and venture into the Network with us during The Organizational Recruitment Fair 2021 on September 17 (Friday) - September 25 (Saturday)!

Are you ready for this journey, Visionary? Pioneer the future. It starts with you.

#WeArchinet #BeArchinet #The16thYear #PioneeringPerspectives

Video by Robert San Pedro, Nicole Co, and Gavin Lao Caption by Jean Florentin

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