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AEONS: Infos about orgs

Sean Hernandez

Sep 17, 2021

Ready for your next expedition, Arki? ✨🚪 ✨

Ready for your next expedition, Arki? ✨🚪 ✨

A new adventure is just up ahead as the portal to the past opens! Explore our history as you get to know our founders in Aeons: UST College of Architecture Recruitment Fair 2021! 🤗 Find out more about each of our recognized organizations by browsing through the pubmats below!

Join us travel through time from September 17 (Friday) to September 25 (Saturday), 2021. So, be sure to gear up and stay ready as membership applications will commence soon. 🌠




Poster by Ella Reshiel Caringal, Kobe Luna, and Sofia Obrador

Caption by Sean Hernandez

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