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AEONS: Teaser Video

Bianca Cruz

Sep 14, 2021

The portal to the present is opening! 🚪 ✨

The portal to the present is opening!

Hold on tight! As we open this door, Arki Inc. is here to fuel up your tanks as we go on an adventure in discovering our history awaiting you. So get ready for a trip back to the millennia to create new memories on AEONS: UST College of Architecture Recruitment Fair 2021.

Gear up your time-suits because our journey to the past starts on September 17 (Friday) to September 25 (Saturday).

Are you ready to travel back in time?

#USTCARecFair2021 #ArkiInc. #VentureTheAeons

Video by Allan Christopher Sayat and Jluke Ibay Caption by Bianca Cruz

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