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AMACE 2021 Mock Exam


Jul 29, 2021

#Arkinunsyo 2022-013

#Arkinunsyo 2022-013


The scheduled date for the mock exam of the Architecture Midterm Aptitude Comprehensive Examination (AMACE) is on July 30, 2021 at 10:00 AM (Friday).

Kindly read and follow the attached guidelines regarding AMACE 2021 MOCK EXAM.

1. Download the Respondus Lockdown Browser from the link provided at the welcome pages of your UST Cloud Campus account at least a day before the scheduled exam.

2. On the day of the exam, open the Respondus Lockdown Browser and it will automatically direct you to the UST Cloud Campus log in page.

3. Log in your UST Cloud Campus account.

4. On the base navigation menu, click on Organizations and look for the College of Architecture Dean’s Office.

5. Enter the College of Architecture Dean’s Office and on the Organization menu, click on AMACE 2021.

6. Inside, the link will show the exams you need to take.

7. Click on the exam, follow the instructions and good luck.

Visit the Virtual Office through the link below:

Credits to: UST College of Architecture EdTech for the guidelines pubmat.

Please be guided accordingly.

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