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Ashley Marañon

Oct 20, 2021

Ding! You've got mail 📬

Ding! You've got mail 📬

Subject: A Sweet Note

Tired of seeing ads and acads in your inbox? Does reading emails become stressful nowadays?

Worry no more as we have what you need to turn that stress into destress! Don't miss the chance to bring TLC to your friends' inboxes by sending love letters through Billet-Doux. 💌

Want to send a letter? It's not rocket science, just click on the link and follow the guidelines below:

1. Do not write anything foul on this form.

2. Do not use this as a platform for harassment and bullying.

3. Do not write anything that may make your recipient uncomfortable.

4. To ensure your privacy, we assure you that these will be kept confidential, but we will skim through the messages for foul content.

Access to Application Form:





Poster by Arela Beatriz Batallones & Allan Christopher Sayat

Caption by Ashley Marañon

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