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Call for Re:Freshies: Freshmen Week Facilatator Applications

Shaezer Alpay

Jul 14, 2021

Ate-Kuya, can you show me around UST? 🥺

Ate-Kuya, can you show me around UST?

We got you Arki! The USTCASC is starting this year’s Freshmen Week by welcoming the newest members of our family. We are looking for Block Facilitators who have the charisma to bring up the vibe and get to know the freshies.

So if you want to be a freshman facilitator, send your application through the link below before July 24, 2021 (Saturday).

Let’s keep the fun going and help our freshies keep growing!

Apply through this link :

Posters by Allan Christopher Sayat Caption by Shaezer Alpay

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