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COVID-19 Tracer and ThoMEDSS Online Health Declaration Form


Sep 28, 2021

#Arkinunsyo 2022-028

#Arkinunsyo 2022-028


Students are reminded that they can access the COVID - 19 tracer for the College of Architecture and ThOMedSS Online Health Declaration Form in the Archiserve.

Link to COVID - 19 Tracer Form:

Link to ThOMedSS Online Health Declaration Form:

Kindly refer to the links provided if the student tested positive for COVID - 19 or considered as PUI, living with family member/s who tested positive for COVID - 19 or is/are considered PUI, or applying for bereavement consideration.

As part of the verification process, students are reminded to upload the following:

- Copy of student’s official registration form

- For students currently affected by the COVID - 19: Copy of student’s RT-PCR test or swab test result

- For students who are living with family member/s affected by the COVID - 19: Copy of family member/s’ RT-PCR test or swab test result

- For bereavement consideration: death certificate

Students may provide supporting medical records, medical certificates, and other pertinent documents if applicable.

Please be informed that responses submitted to the tracer will only be accessible to the Office of the Dean and to other university offices requiring such data/information. As for records and declarations provided in the ThOMedSS Online Health Declaration Form, confidential information will likewise be accessible only to UST offices and for university record purposes.

Students are assured that after filling out the COVID - 19 tracer, the Office of the Dean will coordinate with the student’s instructors for considerations to be arranged.

Please be guided accordingly.

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