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Online Advising & Assessment Updates


Jan 24, 2022

#Arkinunsyo 2022-053

#Arkinunsyo 2022-053


Advising of all students are all on-going. The office will follow the sequence of advising based on the sequence of form submission during the filling out of advising form period.

Announcements will be made if students may:

1. Proceed to Online Assesment;

2. Need to report for verification/consultation.

Please keep posted as a list will be posted in ArchiServe for timely updates.

Should the student have concerns regarding SWDB/Guidance clearance, please check the provided information for your reference:

For concerns regarding clearance from SWDB, please email:

Ar. Henry Herrera, SWD Coordinator at

For concerns regarding clearance from Guidance Counselors, please email:

For 1st Year, 3rd Year, 5AR-1, & 5AR-2 Ms. Fran Velasco, Guidance Counselor at

For 2nd Year, 4th Year, 5AR-3, & 5AR-4 Ms Princess Domingo at

Please be guided accordingly.

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