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Payment Acceptance Cut-off


Dec 9, 2021

#Arkinunsyo 2022-042

Arkinunsyo #2022-042


With the target implementation of the updated bills payment referencing convention and the online payment gateway, the Treasury Department will be implementing a payment acceptance cut-off.

Please follow the guidelines provided:

1) The last day of payment acceptance prior to the implementation of the new system will be on December 15, 2021 (Wednesday).

2) Only those utilizing the bills payment facility of partner banks will be affected– this will include the payment of tuition fee balance.

3) Acceptance of payments will resume on January 04, 2022 (Tuesday).

Please take note that another memo will be released once the guidelines for the new system has been finalized. Kindly view the memo through the link provided below.

Link to memo:

Please be guided accordingly.

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