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POWER-UP: Seniors DP Frame

Alexander Samonte

Aug 2, 2021

Hey, Arki!

Hey, Arki!

In order to give our freshies a high-spirited welcome party, we encourage all of you to use this frame for our “Welcome Freshies” DP Blast! Encourage your blockmates too, so we can have a big celebration!

Please use the caption below.


Hey there, UST Arki Freshies! 👋🏼

I am [NAME] from [SECTION] and we, in the UST College of Architecture, are very excited to have all of you join us as the newest members of the family! We hope you enjoy your evolution as you level up in your Arki journey. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us because arm in arm, we will all catch our dreams of becoming future architects. 🤩

Let’s go, Arki! Blast off at the speed of light! 🌠




Frame by Allan Christopher Sayat

Caption by Alexander Samonte


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