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Thesis Surveys Compilation

Shaezer Alpay

Oct 4, 2021

Attention to all students, we need your help! 📣

Attention to all students, we need your help! 📣

The USTCASC would like to support all 5th years who are currently doing their theses, and 4th years who are taking up their RMAs, by lending them a hand to find the target audience and reach their desired number of respondents. All you guys need to do is answer all applicable surveys found in the Google Sheets link below. 👇 We encourage everyone to answer all questionnaires from the first applicant to the last. So, if you have the time to spare, fill-out a form and help our seniors finish their research. Your help to our cause is important, for no student should ever get left behind. #OneArki

Link to G-Sheets Compilation:

Caption by Shaezer Alpay

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