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UNAWA: Ikaw Muna, Arki! - Part 1

Shaezer Alpay

Feb 1, 2021

How’s it going, Arki?

How’s it going, Arki?

The USTCASC has got another set of mental health guides and tips to recharge your spirits. This time, we bring you a plethora of apps to try!🤳

Let’s start off this semester with an amazing program that we highly encourage you to try out. Brought to you by stem4, we introduce a great application that will help deal with anxiety, called “Clear Fear.” The Clear Fear app provides ways for children and young people to manage symptoms of anxiety and help change anxious thoughts and emotions, alter anxious behaviors, and calm fear responses. 🧘‍♀

However, if you want more applications on self-care and improving your productivity, check out the @calmharmapp and @stem4orgsocial Facebook pages too‼

Have your fears be cleared so you can rest easy up here. 🧏‍♂️

*Disclaimer : Some applications may have in-app purchases. Additionally, the USTCASC does not own the stated applications nor is it, in any way, sponsored by the producers and creators of the said applications. Nor does the USTCASC suggest that these apps serve as a substitute for clinical therapy. For professional medical help, please contact our guidance counselors and/or your psychologists for your mental health needs.

Poster by Allan Christopher Sayat

Caption by Shaezer Alpay

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