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UST CASC Office for Public Relations

Mar 4, 2023

#Arkinunsyo 2023-023

In anticipation of a transport strike set from March 06-12, 2023 (Monday-Sunday), the College endeavors to ensure the continuity of its services to the entire Thomasian Architecture community through the following contingency plans:

1. Teaching and Learning

a. The delivery of all courses (Technical/GenEd) shall be shifted to ONLINE synchronously via UST Cloud Campus;

b. Submissions of plates and conduct of assessments within the said period will be suspended and shall resume on March 20, 2023 (Monday);

c. Academic staff may access the faculty room for online teaching and assessment activities.

2. Office of the Dean operations

a. The Office of the Dean will implement a SKELETAL WORKFORCE to support critical preparatory activities for the upcoming Preliminary Examinations from March 06-08, 2023 (Monday-Wednesday) and will implement a FULL ONLINE (WFH) WORK from March 09-11, 2023 (Thursday-Saturday).

Onsite transactions will resume on March 20, 2023 (Monday). Students are advised to visit our Virtual Office via UST ArchiServe at during regular business hours.

Link to memo:

Please be guided accordingly.

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